Corporate identity and name branding

post-img1Corporate identity, in the marketing, means a “persona” of any corporation, which helps every business to follow its own objectives and be unique in the client mind. Usually it is best presented in the way of using trademarks or branding.

The term corporate identity could me noticed when we have common ownership of an organizational philosophy, following built up corporate culture, which leads to the corporate personality. Every single large or even average company has it. Standing for identity, the public feels it like an ownership of the philosophy and thanks to that it also answers the question “who we are?” as well as “where are we going?”, “what is our mission” and so on, allowing to separate organization, companies and others from each other in public perception.

Generally, it is a well done combination of logo, corporate title, strongly supported by sets of guidelines. These guidelines are done properly in order to make the identity perfect, that has color palettes, typefaces, page layouts and even more methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand. The main reason for that is to say: “we are”. So called corporate identity manuals refers to the package this guidelines tools. Put together and formulated in a strict way.

You can be sure, that the proper layout is a guarantee of successful branding in people minds. Here we can give a lot of examples, like: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mercedes and everything you can think of, bookmarked in your mind, all thanks to the right present of those brands and corporate identities. Let’s take the trademark “M” logo, which has two main colors in it: yellow and red. You can see that every advertisement focuses on this as well, not only on the product and promotions. It is not a secret that a large amounts of money are involved in this corporate identity and branding, just to reach the target groups of those companies and makes their ideas part of their life.

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