SEO Audit Services

SEO audit is aimed to study the current position of the site in search engines and analysis of competitive sites with a view to offering the most efficient methods for optimization and placement.


SEO audit services is designed for:

  • Companies which have their own Internet marketing and advertising department – For analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the department or assistance in selecting the most effective strategies for optimization, promotion and positioning.
  • High competitive business customers for which are important optimum positioning and are willing to share the work on the project to several indipendent contributors.
  • Clients that have full and complete stop to the competitive environment in their market segment.
  • Customers that find our prices for optimization, registration, placement and maintenance too high.


As a result of the work on the SEO Audit is preparing a comprehensive report with most efficient strategy for the optimization, development and placement…


Description of SEO Audit:

  • Statistics and analysis of attendance.
  • Visits and indexing by search engines.
  • Current position in the industry keywords and conclusions of preferred keywords.
  • Current position of the site in search engines.
  • Quantity and quality of links to the site.
  • Nearest competitors and their websites.
  • Positions of competing companies sites surveyed by keywords.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of methods of optimization and positioning.
  • Elaboration of a strategy for the optimization, development and placement.


Price is between $1,000 and $2,499 depending on deepness of the analysis of competing companies sites.



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