Bulgaria #1 at SEO Olympics 2012 by Link-Assistant.com

Bulgarian team won medals in all 3 categories at SEO Olympics 2012 by Link-Assistant.com. We won the gold medal for the most accumulated points, ahead of U.S. Bangladesh. Award “SEO Gurus” – highest percentage of answers to difficult tasks – was won by UK, we are Second and third ranked Bangladesh. Won the bronze medal in the category of “fastest growing team” (largest percent growth) by line up behind Norway and Albania.

We are proud that Bulgarian team is made from over 90% members of our top project Predpriemach.com – The Biggest Bulgarian Webmaster Forum.









Tips For Writing An Effective SEO Title

Tips for writing an effective SEO title for pages of your website:

  • Do not stuff so many keywords on the title tag. You can add more keywords into your detail description.
  • Think about users what they type and write accordingly and it should be to the point.
  • Do not write anything that is not relevant to your webpage.
  • Do keyword research (part of the affiliate marketing strategies) and analysis before writing title tag, so you can include most important keyword (also called primary keyword) in your title tag.
  • Try to make an appropriate sentence, so that user can read and understand your products what kind of services or products you are selling.
  • Make sure your primary keywords should appear first and in the prominent area of your webpage.
  • Write unique Title for each page.
  • You can also write your website name or company name, but it totally depends upon your marketing and brand building strategy.
  • Make sure your Title tag is grammatically correct.
  • Make your Title tag short and targeted for some particular keyword. This will make your site look more attractive.

If you use these tips while you are creating your webpage title, you will do your best for your online business, having in mind that most of your visitors will look up into it – they will read it in order to get a short information about your site and business at first place.

P.S. Attractive written titles can bring you more visitors from SERP even without your site rank at number 1 position.

167 Article Directories Sorted by PR

Even now in the time of Panda, our current opinion is that HQ article directories is still good place for small budget web promotion. Distribute  your  content,  get targeted visitors to your site and build some of so needed backlinks. So here is something useful for webmasters and website owners that make their own  SEO:


167 PR6 – PR0 Article Directories Sorted by PR – 131 of directories are with page rank 1 or grater, list is created on  April  / 22 / 2011.

Share and enjoy our list 🙂 Password for the PDF file is: semconsult




PPC Advertising for Maximum Web Promotion

Engaging in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has its own benefits and drawbacks. But what exactly is PPC advertising and what it can do to your business? More and more advertisers have been using PPC advertising and it will continue to grow faster than any online advertising techniques.

One tool that is causing internet marketing popularity is PPC. This is a technique used in search engine marketing (SEM) that requires one to pay a fee every time someone clicks an ad on your website. Usually this placement is done through a bidding process. If you are a top bidder for your keywords or phrases, you are sure to be on the number one spot on all search engines. Just be sure of the effectiveness of your ad copy to get the most number of clicks you need for your business. Modern PPC advertising platforms like Google Adwords also use ranking algorithm.

How are AdWords ads ranked?

Business nowadays is doing different kinds of austerity measures when it comes to advertising their products and services. This is because of high rates of placing ads on print and on television. But there is a fast growing approach that businessmen can utilize to bring their services closer to the people and that is through Internet Marketing.

Here are the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising:

1. You need not be a genius in computer and technology to be able to run this ad campaign.
2. Immediate results are seen after a few days.
3. No need to make a website conform to the SEO rules.
4. Nothing to lose even if you do not top the pages of different search engines. You can still always choose PPC advertising.
5. You can make use any search engine available.
6. You can type in any keyword you like.

But how exactly PPC can increase traffic, leads and sales?

In PPC advertising, what are important are the keywords and phrases. You have to select at least ten “very specific” keywords that would give you the best traffic in the search. Then, write the ad creatively but straightforward. Tell the truth about your product or service and do not lie. Good thing if your product or service will not disappoint those that are relying on your ad’s promise – but what if it did otherwise? Important too is the clarity of the ad. Do not use very vague languages. Include important details like the price.

Tools are provided by the networks to check how the pay per click limit is working for a certain advertiser. If its still competitive, would it be even listed among the paid search lists or does it generate sales? Of course, if the advertiser made the highest bid, the better chances the ad will be seen in the search engine. These networks too provide protection for the advertisers against click fraud. This advertising set-up allows advertisers to set a daily budget for his ads, thus, less spending for unnecessary clicks. Advertiser will never go over his budget.

You should also remember to budget your bids. Do not go overbidding because you will only lose your money and do not go so low that your ads will never get the chance to show up. Check your profit against your spending. If you see no progress then most likely you have to drop your ad campaign.
PPC enables advertisers to control their advertising campaigns. Advertisers have effectively targeted their audience and set their own price per click. PPC advertising networks provide the platform to identify the desired audience by geographic setting, topic and industry. These networks have a list of websites of the publishers where the ads will be placed.

PRE-QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. All visitors of your website are already considered as a qualified consumer or buyer of your product. Pay Per Click  leads your customers to you for a lesser cost.

INSTANT EXPOSURE, IMMEDIATE PROFITS. PPC search engines enable you to get your desired results fast. They will have your website live within just a few hours which means immediate increase in sale.

CONSISTENT TOP LISTINGS. This is to get your website on top of the sponsored search results for free. You just have to choose the keywords related to your site and business and place them within your web pages. After this, you are done.

Cons of PPC advertising includes:

1. Fixed payments every month to the search engine you choose.
2. Pay for each click received by your website. At times, visitors are just competitors or people playing pranks on search engines. This hassle wastes money you put in to this advertising.
3. Inability to pay for the fees next month would mean removal of your website on the paid listings.
4. This advertising can only be used temporarily because it is difficult to handle in the long run.
5. Pay-per-click pricing can be costly for long periods of time, therefore, this should be stopped after an ad campaign.

PPC advertising is new in online marketing and it is going to continue in the years to come. For advertisers, this means increase revenues with fewer advertising expenses, savings, more sales, good return of investment (ROI) and effective ad campaigns in the days to come.


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Creating Effective SEO Web Copy that Sells

Web pages are little more than a connected chain of information. Every page prods visitors into probing deeper into your site with the ultimate goal being to convince them to buy from you. If the search engines are not directing people to your site, you will never have a chance to tell people about your great company and what it has to offer them.

There is bound to be a time when every business will have a low ranking. The precise cause may not be known, but a solution is available. With some effort, any website can be transformed back into the traffic generating machine that it once was. With a little knowledge of how search engines function and by using the right keywords inbound in sales written content structure, the damage can be repaired.

To keep with the times, businesses need a web copy writer on board that is highly experienced in SEO. If you’re creative enough, you can take a stab at it yourself. Use caution though, you want the content to be rich in keywords but not overpowering.

A few tips to consider…

  • First, whatever you already know about writing, forget. Web copy needs to be written in a conversational style so fragments and sentences ending in prepositions are fine.
  • Be careful to employ a font that doesn’t hurt the eyes of your readers. Fonts like Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman are good for web copy. And remember, you want the content to flow so that the reader does not get confused and need to reread things.

SEO Guidelines

A good thing to remember when writing SEO copy is that it is better to use less to say more. Many surfers merely scan the content for important points so there is no need for long paragraphs. Leave out any language that makes you sound like an intellectual and just use the basic commands of the English Language.

  • Paragraphs: at least 3 sentences but not more than 5
  • Headers: 5-8 words
  • Sentences: should not exceed 20 words
  • Total words: 350

Prior to starting, you want to list all of the words that could possibly be associated with the goods or services sole on your website. These words need to be realistic. A bona fide web copy writer can weave these words in and out of the content so that the copy reads well and is informative at the same time.

Free Keyword Research Tool  Google AdWords -Keyword Tool

  • You need to make your home page the focal point. Headings should have no fewer than 6 words but not exceed 8. Make sure your keywords appear in the heading but make sense doing so to increase your odds.
  • Acting as a sales letter, this page needs to be easy to read yet clear and to the point. Introduce your visitor to your business as if you were chatting with a friend. But, fill the content will keywords that flow, weaving in and out of paragraphs.

Big Mistakes

Writing search engine friendly content takes time and practice. The biggest mistake new writers make is jumping into writing SEO web copy without a clear understanding of how keywords work. The pages are full of words that make no sense to the reader, and ultimately result in no hits.

Selling is about educating customers about the benefits of buying from you. Don’t waste time on the features, they can learn about them in later pages. People always want to know what is in it for them should they buy from you so this is what you need to concentrate on telling them.

Not editing your web copy properly can also be a huge problem. Grammar errors leave a poor first impression. Rule of thumb is to have a second party review your work, and be consistent!


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