Creating Effective SEO Web Copy that Sells

Web pages are little more than a connected chain of information. Every page prods visitors into probing deeper into your site with the ultimate goal being to convince them to buy from you. If the search engines are not directing people to your site, you will never have a chance to tell people about your great company and what it has to offer them.

There is bound to be a time when every business will have a low ranking. The precise cause may not be known, but a solution is available. With some effort, any website can be transformed back into the traffic generating machine that it once was. With a little knowledge of how search engines function and by using the right keywords inbound in sales written content structure, the damage can be repaired.

To keep with the times, businesses need a web copy writer on board that is highly experienced in SEO. If you’re creative enough, you can take a stab at it yourself. Use caution though, you want the content to be rich in keywords but not overpowering.

A few tips to consider…

  • First, whatever you already know about writing, forget. Web copy needs to be written in a conversational style so fragments and sentences ending in prepositions are fine.
  • Be careful to employ a font that doesn’t hurt the eyes of your readers. Fonts like Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman are good for web copy. And remember, you want the content to flow so that the reader does not get confused and need to reread things.

SEO Guidelines

A good thing to remember when writing SEO copy is that it is better to use less to say more. Many surfers merely scan the content for important points so there is no need for long paragraphs. Leave out any language that makes you sound like an intellectual and just use the basic commands of the English Language.

  • Paragraphs: at least 3 sentences but not more than 5
  • Headers: 5-8 words
  • Sentences: should not exceed 20 words
  • Total words: 350

Prior to starting, you want to list all of the words that could possibly be associated with the goods or services sole on your website. These words need to be realistic. A bona fide web copy writer can weave these words in and out of the content so that the copy reads well and is informative at the same time.

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  • You need to make your home page the focal point. Headings should have no fewer than 6 words but not exceed 8. Make sure your keywords appear in the heading but make sense doing so to increase your odds.
  • Acting as a sales letter, this page needs to be easy to read yet clear and to the point. Introduce your visitor to your business as if you were chatting with a friend. But, fill the content will keywords that flow, weaving in and out of paragraphs.

Big Mistakes

Writing search engine friendly content takes time and practice. The biggest mistake new writers make is jumping into writing SEO web copy without a clear understanding of how keywords work. The pages are full of words that make no sense to the reader, and ultimately result in no hits.

Selling is about educating customers about the benefits of buying from you. Don’t waste time on the features, they can learn about them in later pages. People always want to know what is in it for them should they buy from you so this is what you need to concentrate on telling them.

Not editing your web copy properly can also be a huge problem. Grammar errors leave a poor first impression. Rule of thumb is to have a second party review your work, and be consistent!


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